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Qualifications for New Applicants for Residential

Each family will meet with members of Camp Arrowhead’s Admin team to discuss eligibility for Residential (Big Res). Individuals will be accepted based off of their time with the Camp Arrowhead team and the insight that the families provide based on these qualifications.

New Residential Camper Qualifications:

Each new Camper must...

100% meet all of the following qualifications:

  • Must be an experienced Camp Arrowhead Camper- This means you must have attended Camp Arrowhead prior to the year you are registering (Experienced Skyline Participants are also welcomed to apply)

  • Age 18+

  • Must attend a minimum of 5 days of day camp the year they are applying for Residential

  • Must have successfully slept somewhere other than their home

  • Must have successfully been away from their family/guardians overnight.

  • Must be able to communicate their own needs (This could include using eye gazes, speech devices, gestures, or vocally)

  • Stay within the boundaries of our location (area is surrounded by water, woods, and road)

  • Be without internet

  • * Utilize a bottom bunk of a bunk bed (some exceptions may apply)

be 80% independent in the following qualifications:

  • Toileting

  • Getting dressed

  • Feeding

  • Night time and morning routine (brushing teeth etc.)

  • Transition from activities

  • Be with the group

  • Entertain themselves at downtime

  • Follow direction and prompts without staff 1:1 support (*reminder that staff support is different than volunteer support)


For more information or clarification on Residential qualifications do not hesitate to reach out via e-mail to the Director at

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