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Arrowhead Swag

The campers, staff, and volunteers all love to wear their Arrowhead swag in the off season so we wanted to make it more accessible for others to wear it too!


Here are the images of what is available at this time. There are only a select few of all items. Keep checking back on this page to see if we have more swag available!

Please note: At this time all orders must be picked up at the Natick Recreation and Parks Department 179 Boden Lane Natick MA 01760. 

Alumni T

Here is our Alumni shirt that is gray with navy writing. The front is the left image and the back is the right image.

Front of Camp Arrowhead Natick t-shirt
Back of Camp Arrowhead t-shirt
Front of black Camp Arrowhead t-shirt

The Legend Lives On T

Back of black Camp Arrowhead t-shirt

Here is our The Legend Lives on shirt that is black with silver writing. The front is the left image and the right is the back image.

2020 Fun isn't Cancelled T!

Here is our 2020 participant shirt. It is carolina blue with black and red writing. The front is the top image and the back is blank.

Front of 2020 Camp Arrowhead t-shirt
2020 Camp Arrowhead backpack

2020 Back Pack

Here is our 2020 backpack for the volunteers and participants. The same logo was used as the participant shirt below. Fun Isn't Cancelled!

Here is our 2022 Camp Arrowhead Shirt.  This is a Navy blue with a baby blue logo on the front of the shirt. The back is blank

IMG_3434 (1).jpg

Here is our vintage olive green shirt.  This has the classic Camp Arrowhead written logo on the front left chest (bottom photo) and then the Camp Arrowhead I love you sign logo centered on the back (top photo) all with white ink.

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