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Payment Agreement

After you have been officially assigned weeks at Camp Arrowhead we request a payment agreement.

Payment or letter of intent or payment plans must be set up with our front office (e-mail: by March 22nd.  This means that you can either:

1. Log in to your community pass and pay in full

2. Call (508)647-6530 or come to the office (179 Boden lane Natick MA) and set up a payment plan with the front office. 

3. Send a letter of intent by the organization or individual paying that is dated and signed to 179 Boden Lane Natick or e-mail at


Individuals must pick one of the 3 ways by Friday March 22nd at 5:00PM. 

*If you register after the lottery has taken place you must have your payment agreement within 2 weeks of being accepted and awarded your weeks.

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