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Camper and Volunteer looking at a lava lamp expirement.
Happy Camper hugging Nurse outside
Happy camper posing with aide
Aide helping camper in wheelchair at picnic table
Happy camper with aide

1:1 AIDES 2023

Why volunteer as a 1:1 Aide at Camp Arrowhead?

  • Providing 1:1 camper services is a truly rewarding experience

  • Long-lasting friendships with campers, peer aides and staff

  • Be a part of extraordinary events in the lives of many campers

  • ​A fun-filled summer for everyone involved

  • College scholarship opportunities and resume building 

How old do I have to be to volunteer as a 1:1 Aide?

You must be entering 9th grade, 14 years or older by the end of summer 2023.

How do I apply as a 1:1 Aide?

Applications for 1:1 aide volunteers are available starting 2/15/23.

Once received, applications are reviewed by our staff.

Applications will only be accepted if they are complete (this includes Health Forms, concussion training certificate, current physical and immunizations, CORI/SORI).

Please note that in order to hand in your application you must have ALL forms attached.

What kind of training do I need to be a 1:1 Aide?

​In addition to the application process all 1:1 Aides go through mandatory training prior to the start of camp (which may include some virtual training).  During this time, the aides are given the opportunity to learn about people with disabilities and gain a better understanding about the population served at Camp Arrowhead.  


Activities include: icebreakers, team building games, a trial day of Camp, general overview of various disabilities, a question/answer session and much more!

Can my child bring their own 1:1 Aide?

At Camp Arrowhead we understand individuals may need more support than we can provide.  We are always open to having an aide attend with a camper to our Day Camp program. Residential is not designed for campers to attend with their own aide. They will have to fill out a CORI/SORI form and meet with the Director prior to attending. 


If you choose to send your own aid to Day Camp with your camper Camp Arrowhead would still like to provide a 1:1 to assist.  We find it important for the campers to have an aide who has been through all of our trainings to assist the aide who already knows the camper inside and out. Together they can assist the camper through the program while having different roles throughout the day.​


If you intend to send your own aide please have the aide fill out our CORI and SORI form and send it to the Natick Recreation and Parks Department at least 3 weeks prior to their first day onsite.

1:1 Aide Application Checklist

  • Completed Application Form with attachments

  • Health Forms

  • Current physical and immunization records


  • Concussion Training Certificate


Please note that in order to hand in your application you must have ALL forms attached.

ALL 1:1 Aide volunteers must complete an application and attend mandatory trainings at the Camp Arrowhead Site (may include virtual training)


Find the departments up to date protocols on the Natick Recreation & Parks site here: 


If you would like to make a donation to offset the costs of our aides please click here:

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