Campers and staff signing I love you
Campers and staff inside at craft tables
Camper with face mask doing crafts
Camper throwing ball inside
Camper in wheelchair with staff helping play a game outside

2022 Camp Arrowhead Day Camp

Please note all 2022 safety procedures will be updated as guidelines are released.

Find the department's up to date protocols here: 

We are continuing our 2 different sessions from last summer but with a twist: Option 1 is for rain or shine.


Option 2 has been put in place to be able to regulate capacity and comfortability with our campers in being indoors for extended periods of time. Option 2 is outdoor only.

Each camper is paired with a 1:1 teenage helper or can attend with an aide for companionship and assistance


9:00am - 3:00pm

Monday - Friday

(*unless otherwise specified)


SESSION 1.......June 28 – July 1*

SESSION 2.......July 5 – July 8*

SESSION 3.......July 11 – July 15 

SESSION 4.......July 18 – July 22

SESSION 5.......July 25 –  July 29

SESSION 6.......August 1– August 5


4 day weeks

Natick Resident: $329

Non-Resident:  $409

5 Day weeks

Natick Resident: $409

Non-Resident: $508


Camp Arrowhead operates a six-week day camp that is open to children and adults with disabilities.  Campers must be at least five years old, and may have a wide range of disabilities from mild to multiple disabilities.

Registration is first awarded to Natick Residents, then there is a lottery for the remaining spots for out of town.  The registration process will be completely submitted online. 

Day camp runs from 9:00am–3:00pm, five days a week unless otherwise specified.  Groups of 10 campers will be made throughout the camp spaced out per regulations. 


Campers participate within these groups for some daily events, while other activities are done as a whole camp.  Each camper is paired with a 1:1 which could be one you provide or we will search to provide one for you, to offer companionship and assistance as needed. At this time we are not requiring you to bring your own 1:1 unless your camper has hands on needs. If your individual needs full assistance in the bathroom or changing their clothes then you must provide a 1:1 to assist your camper.  

  • Transportation is not offered for Camp Arrowhead.

  • There will be no swimming onsite for Camp Arrowhead this summer. ​​

  • Individuals who need hands on assistance in various instances will need to attend with their own aid.

  • In order to reduce the risk of exposure and transition of COIVD-19 the staff are not able to change campers.

Day Camp Option 1

Option 1 is 5 days a week (unless otherwise specified) rain or shine.  This means if there is bad weather we will be indoors.  Due to capacity limits we have a limited amount of people who can attend. 

Day Camp Option 2

Option 2 weather permitting.  This means if there is bad weather we will cancel the program for the day.  We will refund individuals for any days we cancel. (Amount to be specified at registration) Due to capacity limits we have a limited amount of people who can attend rain or shine.

We created this second option for many reasons but 2 most important are:

  1. Individuals who may feel overwhelmed and do not enjoy being in 1 room with the entire camp have an accommodating option.

  2. Individuals who are still not comfortable being indoors have an option for a program without having to sacrifice your comfortability with the pandemic.