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2023 Camp Arrowhead Day Camp

Please note all 2023 safety procedures will be updated as guidelines are released.

Find the department's up to date protocols here: 

Each camper is paired with a 1:1 teenage helper or can attend with an aide for companionship and assistance


9:00am - 3:00pm

Monday - Friday

(*unless otherwise specified)


SESSION 1.......June 27 – June 30*

SESSION 2.......July 5 – July7*

SESSION 3.......July 10 – July 14 

SESSION 4.......July 17 – July 21

SESSION 5.......July 24 –  July 28

SESSION 6.......July 31– August 4


3 day weeks

Natick Resident: $229

Non-Resident:  $324

4 day weeks

Natick Resident: $269

Non-Resident:  $364

5 Day weeks

Natick Resident: $334

Non-Resident: $423


Camp Arrowhead operates a six-week day camp that is open to children and adults with disabilities.  Campers must be at least five years old, and may have a wide range of disabilities from mild to multiple disabilities.

Registration is first awarded to Natick Residents, then there is a lottery for the remaining spots for out of town.  The registration process will be completely submitted online. 

Day camp runs from 9:00am–3:00pm, five days a week unless otherwise specified.  Groups of 10-15 campers will be made throughout the camp. 


Campers participate within these groups for some daily events, while other activities are done as a whole camp.  Each camper is paired with a 1:1 which could be one you provide or we will search to provide one for you, to offer companionship and assistance as needed. At this time we are not requiring you to bring your own 1:1 unless your camper has safety needs that we cannot support. Any staff member may assist your camper in their physical needs such as toiletings, eating, or changing.  

  • Transportation is not offered for Camp Arrowhead.

  • There will be no swimming onsite for Camp Arrowhead this summer. (We do have a Skyline Swim option with transportation from Camp Arrowhead to the Pond)​​

Day Camp Heat

We do have Air Conditioning in our main building onsite.  Please let us know if your camper has trouble regulating their body temperature.  We try to provide an outdoor camp experience as much as possible but with the summers getting hotter the safety of our campers comes first. We do not have classes indoors unless it is above a certain degree. 

Day Camp Communication

We appreciate all communication from families. We will send home a note everyday to let you know what we did at camp that day to help with communication at home.  We love getting responses and hearing stories about what our campers did at night so that we can use that throughout the day for socializing with others. 1 time a week we usually send the note home electronically rather than in the backpack.

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