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Campers and staff at a picnic table

2023 Residential Camp

Please note all 2023 safety procedures will be updated as guidelines are released.

Find the department's up to date protocols here: 

In addition to our six-week day camp program, Camp Arrowhead also offers a SEVEN-day overnight program for 20-25 campers, ages 18 and up.

Residential is the true sleep away camp experience.  Participants experience the outdoors and stay in cabins.  The daily schedule consists of staff-planned special events, cabin time, rest time, outdoor time, and more!  

We hold this portion of Camp Arrowhead in New Durham New Hampshire and we will be subject to the New Hampshire guidelines during the dates of camp.

Please note not every individual who is eligible for Day Camp is eligible for Residential.

2022 DATES

AUGUST 13-19


Lions Camp Pride
154 Lions Camp Pride Way

 New Durham, NH

(603) 482-6115

2023 RATES

Natick Residents $1889

Non-Residents $2362


In order to attend the residential camp you must first attend at least one week of Day Camp.  Preferably week 1 or 3. (to give the staff a chance to know you) the year you plan to attend. We will talk prior to the camp season and after your week of day camp we usually have a meeting with the parent/guardians to discuss eligibility.*

  • At this time there will be no swimming offered for 2023 and we will update you if that changes.

  •  Residential has 1:1 aides for all campers. We find the 1:1 volunteer/camper companionship very important. The bond that is built is important for both the camper and the 1:1.  We truly feel they are needed for all individuals attending in a “typical setting”.  


  • Safety protocols on Residential will be coming out as guidelines are released.  At this time all individuals will be required to wear a mask unless they are in their bunk.  

  • Testing protocols are forthcoming, as guidelines are updated to ensure safety for all attending.

  • At this time Vaccines are not required but are recommended.



  • All participants must be transported to and from the facility ontime.  


  • Drop off is between 3:00 and 4:00pm on Sunday.


  • Pick-up is between 10:00 and 11:00AM on Saturday.

  • Failure to drop off or pick up on time may result in the inability to participate in programs in the future.


  • Late pickup will be subject to our late pickup policy of $1 per minute.

*Due to the nature of staffing and site layout, some campers who are eligible for day camp may not be eligible for residential.

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